Mushing Fun [G6] Kostka

Beställningsvara och tas hem direkt ifrån fabrik efter lagd beställning. Detta medför ca 2 veckors längre leveranstid. Kostka Mushing Fun är en perfekt ins

Beställningsvara och tas hem direkt ifrån fabrik efter lagd beställning. Detta medför ca 2 veckors längre leveranstid. 

Kostka Mushing Fun är en perfekt instegsmodell för dig som vill börja dra med kickbike. 


Plastic reflex
Shimano 4000
Schwalbe Smart Sam
Double wall - RDX
Aluminum 31.8 mm
Aluminum 720 mm - 31.8 mm
Front fork
Suspension - Lock on fork
Bearings (Hubs)
NTN Japan (Industrial)
Handlebar Grips
Rubber - locking
Stainless steel

Sports footbike for mushing and off-road downhill racing.

Go on an adventure together with your dog pal, make an epic journey across the land filled with delight, joy and adrenaline. All this may be a dream but with the footbike KOSTKA MUSHING FUN can this dream come true.

As the name of the model suggests, this footbike is perfect for mushers. But it also fits well for downhill racing or for sport trips with dogs. The footbike KOSTKA MUSHING FUN is, regarding the value for money, a perfect model for beginning professional mushers.

This footbike has optimized driveability, which makes every rider happy, even the most difficult. The extended anti-skid deck allows standing with both legs and the sprung front fork makes riding through terrain smoother. You can ride downhill easily and very fast because the optimized frame design enables you to fully control your vehicle. When we were inventing the model KOSTKA MUSHING FUN (which is a terrain footbike for adults), we thought about troubles with turning and we improved the frame so that you can cut corners like the devil... The wheels are equipped with tires with terrain tread pattern Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26" and Mad Mike 20", which will help you to hold your line and not to fall out.

The lower part of the deck is equipped with special welding and a stiffener for better safety during the collision with possible unevenness. The frame is not only protected by them but they make it tougher as well. Extended wheelbase provides more space for the biker and the pushing is easier too. You can safely rely on the resistant double-walled rims and the hubs Kostka HK 1024 FS with the industrial bearings.

In case you would like to slow down a little bit or stop effectively, you can use the V-brakes Shimano 4000 - an inseparable part of this footbike.

KOSTKA MUSHING FUN is perfectly geared for off-road riding, even the muddiest, rockiest off-road will be a piece of cake! This footbike is no fair-weather buddy indeed! Even your dog will like it.

The footbike is delivered including an adapter and a flexible dog leash. Just yoke your dog companion and let’s ride together for a great adventure.

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